click. boom.

Use Content Mills To Build Writing Speed

Many freelance writers eschew content mills like Textbroker, and in general I agree with their criticisms. But there are some benefits to starting out at sites like these. Today I’m going to talk about how writing for Textbroker has helped me to develop greater writing speed and initiative. I’m not talking about typing speed here, but rather about pushing yourself to set aside the distractions and excuses and just get right down to work.

This topic deserves a longer in-depth post — and I’ll work on that soon — but for now I just want to put out some quick thoughts.

At, when a writer accepts an assignment, the finished article has to be submitted by the deadline. Failure to submit in time causes the assignment to automatically be returned to the pool of open orders where any other writer can snatch it up. Most articles of 1,000 words or less will have a deadline of 1 day (24 hours exactly).

click. boom.

I remember the very first time I clicked that little button that says, “I want to write this article.” It was like a gunshot. Like a bullet launching out the barrel of a gun.



The countdown had started and I could see right there that I had only 23 hours and 59 minutes remaining to get it written and submitted. It was actually exhilarating. There’s something about having a strict deadline and a clock ticking away that gives your motivation a turbo boost.

So I think that is one of the awesome things about Textbroker that you won’t have writing for your own blog or writing for a site like HubPages – or even writing a free article for your local non-profit. There is a deadline, and you must meet it. Learning to work under pressure is critical to your success as a freelance writer, so why not begin developing your speed and work ethic right from the start?

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