Update on Freelance Writing Underground

Hey everyone,

Sorry for the delay on relaunching this blog. I’ve been kicking around different ideas in my head, and what I’ve finally decided to do is to just talk about freelance writing tips and all that on my main blog instead of on here, as it’s a whole lot easier to build and promote one blog on multiple related topics than to build and promote multiple blogs.

I apologize for leaving you hanging these past several weeks. So here’s what’s happening:

1. Go to ChrisDesatoff.com and subscribe over there to follow my entrepreneurial adventures in freelance writing, blogging, passive income, personal development and even cartooning.

2. Uh…well…that’s it, really. 😉 Just go check out ChrisDesatoff.com

I have just published two new posts over there. Yesterday’s blog post talks about some upcoming topics that I’m working on for you guys, and today’s blog post is an income report for January 2018.

Okay, again sorry for the mixup between this blog and that one. I’ve got some good stuff on the way over there. Thanks for following along here. If you liked the content on Freelance Writing Underground, then you’ll want to continue subbing over on ChrisDesatoff.com.

I’ll see you over there.

— Chris

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