september 2017 income report

Freelance Writing Income Report: September 2017

Well now, it’s sure been a long time since I did one of these content writing income reports (last one was back in November 2016…nearly a year ago). So what did you guys miss over the past year? Well, you can read about that HERE, but basically I did the same thing I’ve been doing for the past five years — I did some writing, then I didn’t, then I did some more, then I didn’t, etc. And my writing income remained about the same, meaning I rarely made more than $100-$200 per month from freelance writing, and sometimes less than $100.

The exception was in June, when I really started to give Textbroker another shot. I had my best month ever, which wasn’t to say much. I made $379.92 by writing 48 articles. Then in July I burned out again and made less than $100, and in August I managed $139.51.

So summer was pretty rough, but we got through it. And September started out pretty much the same, but I dunno. Right around the halfway point things started to change for me. I’ve been digging deep for years, trying to push myself past the anxiety and depression to do the work that I need to do. But it always felt like there was something holding me down, preventing me from being who I really am and doing what I can really do. But a few weeks ago, things really started to change. I felt stronger, like there was a weight lifted. I found that it was getting easier to do the work than it had been in the past.

There are a lot of things I’ve been doing to push myself to level up, and I don’t think that any single one of them was totally responsible for the changes that are happening right now. It was a combination of things that finally reached a critical mass, I guess. Anyway, I’ll talk more about that below and in next month’s post, but for now let’s look at some stats for September 2017. This was all from Textbroker…

september 2017 income report


  • articles:  33
  • earnings:  $373.40
  • wordcount:  24,063
  • avg articles/day:  1.1
  • avg words/day:  802
  • avg earnings/day:  $12.45
  • avg pay/word:  $0.016

New Personal Best

  • Daily Textbroker earnings: $50.40 on 09/24/2017

The first thing that stands out was just the volume of work I managed to complete compared to what was typical over the last few years. I rarely made more than $100-$150 per month at Textbroker until recently. After 5+ years of writing there, I only made more than $300 a month on two occasions — last month (September) and a few months ago (June). So we’re definitely seeing some progress there.

SNEAK PEEK: just fyi…I made over $300 during the first week of this month (October), so I’m looking forward to seeing what happens in the next income report!

My average pay per word was also slightly more than the 4-star rate at Textbroker (1.4 cents per word), and that’s because I managed to get onto a new team, and I also impressed one of the clients from the open orders pool enough to land some direct orders. And that DO client just messaged me today to see if they can send more work my way, so things are looking up for October.

So those two clients are bumping up my pay, and I kinda like it. That just started happening in the last week or so of September, so the effect isn’t that substantial just yet. But I think in the next income report for October, we’re going to see a big difference in my earnings.

So that’s about it for this month.

For SEO purposes, I think I’m going to hold off and write a separate post about some of the things I’ve been doing the last few months that I think have helped me reach a new breakthrough in my Textbroker earnings. I’ll probably get that written up sometime in the next couple weeks. I’m feeling pretty excited about the shift — my earnings have taken a big jump lately, and I hope I don’t jinx it by blogging about it lol.

Okay, laters!

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