Freelance Writing Income Report: October 2017

Freelance Writing Income Report: October 2017

I have mixed feelings about this month’s income report.

The month started out really well. I had just joined a new team on Textbroker that paid way better than the regular assignments, and I had just picked up some direct orders from another client — my first direct orders in years.

So that first week of October I ended up making just over $300! That was a new record for me. Not only was it the most I ever made in a single week of freelance writing, but it was more than I usually make in a whole month on Textbroker.

That $300 put me on track to earn about $1,200 for the month, if I could keep up that pace. That really got me excited because that magical $1,000 per month mark has been a goal of mine since I first started writing for Textbroker back in 2012.

But things just went downhill from there.

Freelance Writing Income Report: October 2017

October Textbroker Stats…

  • articles:  42
  • earnings:  $605.59
  • word count:  38,648
  • avg articles/day:  1.4
  • avg words/day:  1,247
  • avg earnings/day:  $19.54
  • avg pay/word:  $0.016

New Textbroker Milestones Reached…

  • Highest Daily Earnings: $89.20
  • Highest Weekly Earnings: $305.92
  • Highest Monthly Earnings: $605.59
  • Highest Monthly Word Count: 38,648

To be honest, i don’t even feel like writing this blog post right now.

I’ve been feeling burned out and just kind of down for the past five days. That’s ridiculous, because I just had my best month ever on Textbroker, and I made more money this month than I’ve made during any other month this year. In fact, these earnings combined with my earnings from my niche sites might actually make this the most money I’ve ever made in a single month since I began making money online almost six years ago.

But I’m still so far from where I need to be, and I’m just fucking tired.

Easy Come, Easy Go

I gained that direct order client, but then I lost them. I don’t know what happened. Things were going well that first week. They sent me some articles, I wrote them, and then they sent me some more.

But I burned out during that second and third week of the month, and I started having major anxiety. Then the client messaged me to see why I hadn’t finished the articles they sent me, and that was it. I couldn’t even respond. Game over, man.

So I lost that client, and then that high-paying team fizzled out too.

That team posted a bunch of mini blurbs for us to write, but the instructions didn’t even make sense. So I guess none of us on the team touched them. Eventually, the client must have got frustrated, removed them all and put them in the Open Orders pool.

And I haven’t seen much coming from that team client ever since.

Also, the feedback I got from them on my last couple assignments wasn’t anywhere near as good as the feedback they gave me for the first two articles I did for them. So I felt kind of confused about what I did wrong. And then, their instructions on the newer team orders changed and seemed a bit condescending or nitpicky, further reinforcing my feeling that they weren’t totally satisfied with the work I’d done for them.

I dunno…maybe my brain was just starting to rebel and give up.

So for the fourth week, I tried to push ahead again — hell, I needed that money, right? — but I was already discouraged and wiped out, and it showed in my reduced productivity and earnings. Then, once I got up close to $600 in earnings, the bottom just dropped out again, and that was the end for me.

New Personal Records…

So on the bright side, it was my best month ever on Textbroker. My previous best month of earnings was about $379, so this month I passed $400…passed $500…and then passed $600, so that’s good. My previous best daily earnings were in the $40+ neighborhood, so I blew past that by earning $63 in a day…then $78 in a day…and then $89 in a day.

Also good.

And I earned over $300 in that first week of the month. I don’t know what my previous best weekly earnings were, but they were nowhere near $300, that’s for sure.

So it was definitely a good month. It just sucked to lose all that momentum I had going in the first week.

Another Thing…

One more thing I thought of just now was that I signed up on Reddit a week or two ago, and I joined a few subreddit discussion groups centered around freelance writing and making money online. Now I’m thinking that was probably a mistake because there are some cocky freelancers in there who are always hating on content mills, and they’ll downvote and talk shit to anyone who has anything positive to say about Textbroker or similar sites.

That was one of the things that enabled me to increase my Textbroker earnings the past few months — I blocked out all the haters and just kept focusing on my positive experiences at content mills. So maybe letting those guys into my head with their attitudes toward sites like Textbroker and toward writers like me contributed to my downward spiral these past couple weeks.

Anyway, it doesn’t really matter.

October is over.

I need to get some rest, get back out there tomorrow morning and make some money.

These bills aren’t going to pay themselves.

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