freelance writing earnings nov 2016

Freelance Writing Income Report: November 2016

After burning out on content mill writing (again) this summer — and focusing on cartooning for a few months — I’m back to writing articles for content mills. I didn’t write very many articles in November before burning out again, but at least I got a higher-paying gig to balance it out a little bit and bring in a little more cash.

The calendar shows me earning $133.44, but the Textbroker client sent that $34.30 article back for revisions. It was on home remedies, and they wanted me to delete literally half the wordcount and go research six more remedies (I only included six, and now they were saying they wanted twelve). They didn’t say how many main points they wanted in their instructions. They just gave heading and word count ranges for each section — which I followed to the letter. So if they wanted twelve remedies instead of six, then they should have specified that in their instructions the first time.

I hate bullshit clients like that, so I didn’t respond. I blacklisted them to prevent them from wasting my time again in the future, and then I just put my article up on HubPages instead. It pissed me off to do that, but I refuse to bend over backwards for diva clients who don’t know how to write clear instructions, who micromanage freelance writers (which would legally make me eligible for employee pay and benefits, according to the IRS), who waste my time and who only pay me pennies for hours of work. Fuck em.

So my already-low earnings sunk even further for November, thanks to this bullshit client. I guess that’s why I stopped writing articles for the past 30 days. But maybe venting about it right now on this blog will help me lift that weight off my shoulders and allow me to get back in the groove and do the work again. We’ll see…

freelance writing earnings nov 2016


  • articles:  7
  • earnings:  $99.14 (adjusted)
  • wordcount:  7,115
  • avg articles/day:  0.23
  • avg words/day:  237
  • avg earnings/day:  $3.30
  • avg pay/word:  $0.0139

Right now it’s already almost Christmas, and I haven’t finished a single article for content mills this month. I tried several times, but I just felt too burned out to do the work. I know it’s all in my head, but I’m having a hard time getting around the mental roadblocks.

But I WILL finish some articles for the mills this last week and a half of December. I must!


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