Can You Make Easy Money at Content Mills?

I’ve been a freelance writer for almost six years now, and I’ve written for a number of websites that pay writers for articles. The sites I’ve written for are sometimes called content mills or content farms – usually in a derogatory way. They’re known for their high volume of work and relatively low pay rates. While it’s possible for efficient writers to make a full-time income writing for these sites, most people who write for them don’t come anywhere close to that and probably only make a couple hundred dollars per month, if that.

Watch Out For “Make Money Online” Wannabes

So it annoys me when I come across blog posts or YouTube videos where the blogger claims that you can easily make $100 a day writing for this website or that website, or when some YouTuber goes on about how anyone can make thousands of dollars a month writing for this site blah blah blah. I’ve seen this with Textbroker reviews quite a bit, and also I’ve seen some people talking about iWriter and HireWriters and others like this.

Now, I appreciate that these bloggers are trying to help people. I get that, and I’m not out to bash them. We’re all trying to make some extra money and pay the bills, so I’m all for sharing the love and trying to help people by telling them about opportunities that are out there. But I’ve also been doing this writing thing for a while, and I know how difficult it is for inexperienced writers to make money at these websites.

It makes me a little mad when people who obviously don’t know what they’re talking about come along and do these “reviews” of sites and try to teach you how to make $100 a day or whatever, when they’ve never even done it themselves.

Offering people hope is one thing, but offering them false hope is not cool. It takes an insane amount of effort – along with some real knowledge, skills and experience – to consistently make $100 a day on Textbroker. There are quite a few writers who’ve done it – that’s true. I’ve come close to that number several times myself and expect to hit it regularly going forward, but to do it 20 or 30 days in a row is not realistic for most beginning content writers.

How To Spot Fake Writer Website Reviews

So for those of you who are looking for real ways to make money online by writing articles or whatever, be a little skeptical about some of these reviews that you come across online. Pay close attention and look for the evidence.

  • Is this reviewer talking from personal experience?
  • How much money has this person actually made there?
  • How long has this person been writing for that site?
  • How many articles has this person actually written for clients?
  • Is this reviewer sharing specific details as an insider or just generic info?

Those are some of the questions that you should keep in mind when you’re watching these videos or reading these reviews, because a lot of people don’t really know firsthand. They heard about the site on some blog, so they’re telling you that you can make money there, but they might not really know for sure.

I’ve even heard some false information given out on YouTube about sites like Textbroker, so just be smart when you’re researching these opportunities. Look for credible reviews from people who really know their stuff, so that you can have realistic expectations when trying out some of these writing websites.

Content Mill Writing is Very Hard Work

Making money online is hard. Writing articles for freelance sites is hard. I know because I’ve been doing it for almost six years. I’ve written hundreds of articles for Textbroker clients, and I’ve made almost $3,000 doing it (in fact, I made $300+ on Textbroker last week). But I didn’t just sign up and start making hundreds of dollars instantly. Those first articles I wrote took me forever and only paid a few dollars each.

It was frustrating. It took me a long time to pick up my speed and discipline myself to be more productive so that I could make it worth my time. Some writers give up before they build up the skills and speed to make decent money.

If you want to succeed as a writer, you need to work hard at it. You need to understand what to expect and have the right attitude, or else you’re just going to waste your time, get frustrated and quit.

So anyway, I hope that this is helpful for those of you who want to write articles for money at content mills and freelance writing sites. Don’t fall for the idea that it’s super easy or that you can make big bucks with hardly any effort. Many of these sites are legit, but there’s nothing magical about them. The money is out there, but you need to put in the work and write fast without sacrificing quality. And it might take you some time to build up to that point. Everybody is different, so I can’t say what your experience will be. Just don’t believe the hype that making money online as a writer is easy.

Can You Make Fast, Easy Money at Content Mills?

So…bottom line…can you make easy money writing for content mills like Textbroker, HireWriters, iWriter, Zerys, WriterAccess and ContentRunner? Yes, once you jump through some hoops to get your writing samples in and get some ratings/feedback to boost your reputation and level up, then you can pick up some quick cash and get paid weekly. But I’d guess that 90% or more of inexperienced content writers who sign up for these sites struggle to make their first $100, and I bet it takes most of them a lot longer than 24 hours to earn that first $100.

Is it worth it?

Well, everybody has different ideas about what constitutes “worth it.”

As for me, I’ve been writing at Textbroker for over five years now, and I’m heading back there in a few minutes, so you can guess what my answer is. I didn’t always think it was “worth it” though. But I’ve learned that the keys to making money on Textbroker, specifically, are to write a lot of articles, write them quickly, write them according to Textbroker’s standards, and get on as many active teams as possible.

Direct Orders are nice when they come, but I don’t seek them out. If I was the kind of writer who could reliably correspond with clients and try to woo them, then I’d be out there doing it on my own for higher pay rates — not on some writing platform that cuts deeply into my pay. In fact, I just lost a DO client earlier this week because of stressful shit in my personal life that threw me off track for several days.

But that’s me.

Anyway, there’s a learning curve for everyone, but the more I forced myself to learn how to write SEO articles quickly, the better I got at it and the more money I started earning every month. If you can force yourself to focus, write quickly and grind out thousands of words per day — without sacrificing quality — then yes, you can make a full-time income on content mills. It’s not easy for most people, but it is certainly possible.

Despite my “downer” tone in this post, I’m not trying to discourage you from trying content mills, like most other freelancers tend to do. While I did join the haters for a brief period of time, my experience with these sites has been positive overall. I did the work, and I got paid. I’ve made a few thousand dollars from these sites, and you can too if you’re willing to put in the hours.

Again — you have to learn how to write SEO articles. You have to learn how to write according to AP style guidelines (at least for Textbroker), and you have to focus and be productive. You get paid per word, not per hour, so speed and volume are everything.

If you have any questions about writing for content mills, I’ll do my best to help you out. Just leave a comment below or message me through my contact page or on Twitter.

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